Snow - or as the media has been calling it, snowpocalypse

Well, at least there is one good thing from the last two weeks of snow, it is making a big dent in the drought.

They posted the almanac statistics this morning:
Average snow for this time - 16.1 inches
Snow at this time last year - 3.1 inches
Snow at this time, this year - 24.8 inches.

So we've had 50% more snow than normal and 8 times what we got last year.

Hopefully, this trend will continue into the summer and not be as hot and dry.

And calling it a snowpocalypse is stupid.

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So we got about 10 inches of snow on Thursday. I left work early to try and get home and was doing ok until I high centered on a snow ridge from the plow in front of me. A good natured kid helped push/pull me off the mound and get started again.

Of course the neighborhood was a mess. They never clean our streets. But the streets are getting better now. It's supposed to be in the mid-30's today.

However, there is another storm heading our way for tomorrow. Depending on who is reporting, KC is supposed to get another 3 - 12 inches of snow. Which is just wonderful, since I have a business trip to St. Louis tomorrow. Originally I was going to drive, but with the predicted storm, decided to fly. Now I'm wondering if I'll even be able to do that.

Nice Day

I finished up the training session early this afternoon. So when I got home, we went for Starbucks on his lunch and then I took the bike for a couple of hours.

I'm still not super confident riding a motorcycle, but pushed the envelope a little further today by going on the highway at 70 mph. It was also quite interesting dealing with the wind.....

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Well 2013 is looking like it is going to be an expensive year. I'm already looking at needing tires and a new engine for the car.

And the little raise I got at the end of last year was completely consumed by the re-instatement of social security taxes.

Lynn is still wanting to go back to Europe as well, but I just don't think I can afford it this year. Not that I wouldn't love to go again.

On a fun note, I found out I won a Lenovo tablet. It is supposed to deliver tomorrow.
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