Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Had the day off, today. Although, the store did call at 9:20 this morning to see if I wanted to work. Hhhhhmmmm, let's see, do I? Gee, I guess not.

Anyway, an old friend of Lynn's is in town this weekend. She moved to Kentucky a few months ago, and came back to get her stuff out of storage and moved down there. So they met last night and partied until the bars closed. Everybody was supposed to meet this morning to load up all her stuff in the UHaul. So Lynn asked if I wanted to join them.

I found out later, he had a flat tire, so I had to drive. So we helped her fill the truck and then went to lunch together. She was headed over to another friend's, this afternoon to shower before heading to party again tonight.

We had some running we needed to do. First, go get Lynn's tire fixed. Then off to Homo Depot to get some plumbing stuff to fix the toilet. Maintenance was up on Wednesday night and changed out the fill valve, but it had already failed again by yesterday. Plus the shutoff valve had sprung a leak.

And we wanted to go to the wholesale club to buy some bottled water. I decided this week, I should start drinking more water. I guess the 12 - 20 cups of coffee a day are a little excessive. Maybe if I cut back on caffeine, I'll feel a little better.

Made a couple more stops and then off to Applebee's for dinner. They had ALL the cute boy wait staff working tonight. MMmmmm, mmmmmm. The bartender, Seth, was just scrumptious. At one point, I made some comment about, I wonder if he likes having his nipples pinched. The guy sitting behind Lynn suddenly spun around and looked with this really funny look on his face. We don't know if he heard me, or if it was just a coincidence. But we both cracked up. Actually, it would have been even better, if the guy had said "yes, I do". Since he was cute too.

Now, back home. Doing a couple of loads of laundry. Then off to bed. Off work again tomorrow. So, it will be the typical lunch at Mother's. She was complaining last week that she hadn't seen me in ages. Actually, it's only been two weeks, but that's just her.

Well, I think it's time for bed. I'll dream about all those cute boys.
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