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More musings

All of these friends' journal entries about sex got me to thinking.

I saw some comments about kissing. How if he can't kiss, it won't go any farther. My experience, the number of fair to bad kissers far out-number the good ones. Or is it, I just don't know what a good kisser is? I just find, there are certain ones, that when your lips connect, it just works. It becomes a tremendous catalyst to what follows.

I guess I must be weird. I really enjoy the cuddle/snuggle/fore-play/post-play. In fact, I think I enjoy it more then the sex, itself. I guess it's more of a bonding of the soul, rather than just a physical connection. Maybe it's also that protector instinct, when I put my arms around the guy and pull him close. Or maybe it's more of a possessive feeling. He's mine, keep the fuck away.

Now, that's not to say I don't enjoy sex, because getting it on with a hot guy is extremely enjoyable. The feeling of his pulsating cock in my mouth is real rush. Or the feel of my cock rubbing the walls of his ass, mmmmmmm. Feeling him blow while I'm inside. Those are all very pleasing.

But there are also those times, when it just doesn't click. Those times, when you're 5 minutes into it, and he's pleading for you to slow down because he's about to blow, and you're thinking to yourself, "well hurry up, so you can leave." And you work even harder to get him off quickly. I know I've had several, turned into one-night stands, like that.

I've also, stated before, I used to be quite the slut in my younger days. I admit having anonymous sex in lots of places, backrooms of bars, public restrooms at the mall or rest areas, in my car in the parking lot outside an office building. Those were purely physical. Pop a load. Get your rocks off. Usually 15 to 20 minutes and it's over. Sure you blew a load. Yeah it stopped to horny for a while, but I always felt unfulfilled. I guess that goes back to touching each other's soul.

Again, there is an exhilaration to having sex in public. Maybe it's the thrill, the sense of danger. The knowledge you could be caught at any time. The heart beats faster, the breathing is heavier, the explosion is quick and powerful. But it's all short lived.

Ok, I've rambled at work, long enough. Besides, all this thinking about sex is getting me horny. Not good when you have to get up from your desk and walk by people with a huge bulge in your trousers.

And I see LJ is acting sluggish again.
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