Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Long boring weekend

Ok, so yesterday was filled with working, and not much else. Went in at 11:30 and got off at 9:00. We had a training meeting after the store closed last night.

I did get into a bit of a tiff with one of the sales managers. Being this is retail, the management staff is very mobile. So, the whole crew changed again over the last month. I don't mind them setting up a business plan and a sales focus, but stop treating me like I'm 10 years old and have to be spoon fed what to say. Hey, if I'm not selling the product, fine, say so, but don't force me to use your "Script" when I sell, if I am doing the job.

You would think these people realize that selling is a skill that is acquired with years of experience. Once you've developed a technique that works, you should be allowed to use it. I get really tired of being "dumbed down", so I sound like every other person.

Maybe I do have a bad attitude. Maybe I should just do what they say without question. Damn, this wasn't supposed to turn into another rant.

Anyway, not much else happened. Lynn went out sailing again yesterday. Glad he has someone to spend time with, since I pretty much work most of the time.

This week, my schedule is pretty light at the evening job. Only three days, so I may try and do something fun. Just don't know what yet.
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