Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Yeah, another entry in my boring life

Came home yesterday afternoon, to hot, humid and stuffy. It was 85°F inside, even though the AC was supposedly running. It has gotten that hot inside, a few times, but it still seemed a little strange.

I went downstairs to start a load of laundry and noticed to AC was buzzing. Hhhhmmm, need to do some investigating. Came upstairs and checked, yeah, the compressor unit was running outside, just not blowing. So back down to the furnace. Pulled it open and felt the blower. It was bound tight and extremely hot. Ok, so the AC went out. Called maintenance to have them come down and fix it.

He came down and put in a new motor. Only took him an hour and a half. As he was finishing up, Lynn got home from sailing and wanted to know why the place was so hot. I told him what had been going on. We decided it was time for a coffee run and dinner out. Give the place time to cool back down while we were gone.

Now today, have some running to do this morning and then work this evening. I'm up and showered, but Lynn is still struggling to get out of bed. I guess I'll go in and wake him again so we can get stuff done.
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