Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Reflections of where we are

On the day after our 226th anniversary of independence, where are we? Are we still the "land of the free and home of the brave"? A few things to consider:

1. Everyone is encouraged to spy on their neighbor and turn in questionable behavior to the government.

2. More and more, anywhere we go, we must go through checkpoints, to be searched and processed.

3. We are no longer allowed to speak freely. When we say things objectionable to the government, we are, at the minimum, chastised, or worse.

4. We are told what to say and how often.

All of these sound very similar to the environment of those in the former Communist countries, like East Germany and The Soviet Union. While we were "tearing down the iron curtain", were they actually taking us over?

And are we brave? No, everyone is scared shitless. People are afraid to go to the mall, to fly on planes, to do their normal daily routines.

Other thoughts, businesses, and people, for that matter, have become extremely greedy. There is no longer any feelings of loyalty to anyone or anything, as long as we get RICH. Fuck whoever gets our way. Only I matter!! Just look at how many businesses have come under scrutiny lately for unethical practices. All in the name of making more money. And how many of the leaders of those companies are only looking at their paychecks.

How many businesses intentionally sell shitty products just so they can cut costs and increase their profits. All at the expense of the consumer. Knowing that the shitty products will quickly fail, forcing said consumer to buy another shitty product to replace it.

And finally, has our government become to big for it's own good. Making laws to cover every minute detail of our existence. Are we really better off by allowing every special interest group to lobby for laws to support their group? Does it really make sense when we see examples like the tobacco industry? We have a lobbying group supporting tobacco farmers, that convinces the government to subsidize said farmer, because his sales have dropped way off. And we have another lobbying group that convinces the government to spend money supporting anti smoking campaigns, to reduce the sale of tobacco.

We have environmental groups who have become extremists, demanding unnecessary controls on supposed pollutants, which are only pollutants in their minds. An example is a known case where the EPA placed a control on a product a few years ago. The cost to industry was estimated at $40 Billion to implement. It was going to reduce exposure from the previous level of, a 50% chance of 1 death per 100,000,000 people per 50 years exposure.

Ok I lied, one more rant. This is the United States of America. Our national language has been American English. Why should we force our nation to adopt a second language? If I move to France, shouldn't I learn French? The same if I move to Russia, or Spain. Shouldn't I be required to speak the national language? Why should the US be different and be forced to speak to immigrant language?

Ok, I'm done ranting now. We can return to our regularly scheduled programming.
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