Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Had a major storm pop up last night, while I was at work. When I went in, the sun was shining, but about an hour later, I looked out and it was just pouring. This morning, it was kind of hazy, but bright, so I figured the sun would burn off the clouds and be another scorcher. Lynn was supposed to go sailing with a friend today.

By 1:00, the sky had turned really black and foreboding. by 2:00, the pouring rain hit again. Lots of thunder and lightening and high blowing the rain almost horizontal. In the midst of this, the lights started to flicker and the UPS's started alarming. And then all the power went out.

Since it was obvious, Lynn wasn't going sailing, and I had nothing planned. And since we had no electricity, we decided to go take Baby for a walk and get some coffee. The power company's automated phone system said we should have power restored at 5:31 pm this evening. I'm not sure how it came up with that.

The rain had pretty much quit, by the time I had finished showering and getting ready, so off we went. Stopped by Starbuck's for our lattes and then headed over to Wally World to get some rug shampoo. They didn't have any, so next stop, Targe'.

We went back home to drop everything off, and still no power. Headed down to The Plaza to walk. On the way, it started raining again. Stopped in at Starbuck's again. The Plaza location was filled with humpy boys. Lynn and I were commenting about all the eye candy, when the guy behind the counter started agreeing with us. :) Of course, that lead to a conversation about what we wanted to order and who was on the menu. It's always so much fun, when you are dealing with someone else who is family and gets the conversation.

After our walk, there didn't seem to be a pressing need to come home. There was a good possibility the power still wouldn't be on. So we decided to stop at Jack Stack's for BBQ. Lot's of hot guys there, too. We couldn't decide which meat we wanted to eat. :)

Now we're home. The power was back on. And from the time on the clock, it appears they got it on at 5:27. So I guess their automated estimator is pretty good. Lynn's back is hurting, so I'm getting ready to give him a massage to try and release some of his muscle spasms.

And then it's bed for me. I had today off, but work tomorrow. And Happy 6th Birthday to Baby.
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