Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I often wonder just how many people I would offend if I didn't filter the stuff coming out of my brain. Most of the time, I keep the majority of my thoughts to myself.

Many times, I will start to comment on something I see in someone's journal, and as I'm typing it, I'm thinking how would this be perceived. And I usually end up deleting it instead of posting it.

The same with emails. I will have it half composed when suddenly, I'm wondering whether it is appropriate. Wham, it's deleted.

That's probably the reason I'm so quiet in real life as well. Partly afraid of opening my mouth and making a fool of myself, and partly afraid of offending the person I'm talking to.

Many times I'll make some "witty" comment to someone, and after I've made it, it sounds so catty to me. I wonder what ever possessed me to say it. It's really never meant to be hateful, but it comes out that way. It's just my attempt at humor. My way of dealing with situations.

So, what got me started? One comment I made today, and the other 10 I started to make and didn't.
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