Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, I can tell this is the beginning of a holiday week. Almost no traffic going into work this morning. I have Thursday off, but work Friday. Although, I am contemplating leaving early on Friday. It's not like it will be noticed, since most of the people around here are taking vacation this week.

My level of cynicism is peaking again. We had another customer complaint and our response is to dazzle them with bullshit. Not really answer their question, but by the time they finish reading the report, they won't know what the resolution is, but it sounds good. I can't really say, it's a flat out lie, but.........

So there's the rub. It now becomes one of those ethical questions. Do you expose your employer for questionable practices and therefore become labeled as undesirable, or do you knowingly keep these things secret. Now admittedly, this doesn't compare with the problems that have been exposed in other companies recently, but it does raise the question of just how ethical a company is.

Ok, we really are trying to fix their problem, and will change things internally, we just don't want to admit to them, what the problem. A little white lie, but nothing that will actually harm them.

Ok, must center, must reduce cynicism.
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