Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Yay, it's finally Friday. I don't go in to work until noon tomorrow, so a morning where I can actually sleep in. Oh, it will be soooo nice.

Had some running to do last night, since I didn't have to work. Needed to pick up some stuff from Wally World and Homo Depot. Took Lynn along, and while we were at HD, we were commenting back and forth about all the cute guys. I told him about my idea for the Boys of Homo Depot Calendar. Described what I would put on the front cover and told him I wished I had graphic talent to actually make a mock up.

He then had to go and spoil the whole idea by suggesting all the guys inside the calendar would look like the 7-UP truck drivers. Ewwwww.

Next stop was Wally World. Again, the place was overrun by humpy young guys. I know there was a trail of drool left behind us. Oh my, I just had a flash of that's just like a slug.

We finished off the evening with dinner at Applebee's. We've eaten there enough, that most of the staff know us. So we tend to get pretty good service. Well, you could definitely tell that school was out for the summer. The place has quite a few new faces running around. And some of those cute faces are attached to gorgeous young bodies.

Everyone always talks about spring fever. My opinion, it's really summer fever. Get all those scantily clad, well tanned, well toned hot guys out there, and it's eye candy for days.

Hhhhmmmm, I need to come back to reality, I guess. I'm at work. Oh what the fuck, I'm still in eye candy heaven and feeling chipper this morning. I even stabbed myself, accidentally a little bit ago, and that didn't even bother me.
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