Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Got talked into going to a very strange event, tonight. Me and my big mouth, mentioned to Lynn, that I heard on the radio last night, there was going to be a Q-Dating event tonight. It was a charity event, with the proceeds going to the KC Gay and Lesbian Community Center. Pay $15 to get in, and have 15 three minute dates in one hour.

I told him this at 7:45, the event was to start at 8:00. Never did I expect him to say, ok, we're going. And then, when we got there, I told him, he was more then welcome to go in, but I would wait outside. Nope, I was going to, so get over it.

Well, I have to say it was interesting. Do I think I will meet any of these guys for further dates? I doubt it. But who knows. And, even if I do, it will be just a friendly meeting. I'm really not looking for a long term commitment. So I put down yes on a couple. Find out next week if they do too.

Have a store meeting at 8:00 in the morning, so need to go to bed soon. Need to decide on something for dinner first. Not sure what I'll fix. Maybe spaghetti. It's quick and easy.

Bout it for now.
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