Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Long weekend

Well, this turned out to be a very long and tiring weekend. Lynn is home and resting. He's still not great, but doing much better.

They did the surgery yesterday morning at about 10:00 and he was released last night.

For me, it's been non-stop running all weekend. Between going to the hospital and working, I really haven't had much time to relax.

Plus I'm several days behind on finding out what everyone here has been up to. I may have a little time this afternoon to catch up on everyone's activity. But this week is going to be pretty full. We have Corporate visitors here today and tomorrow, that we have to entertain. Then Wednesday, is another semi-annual audit. I have to pick the auditor up at the airport and take him back.

He caught an earlier flight this time. Normally he arrives around 8:30, this time it's at 7:30. And he's catching a later flight back Wednesday evening. Just means, he can spend more time here looking for issues. Oh joy!!

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes to Lynn. I passed them all on to him.

Oh, and anyone who wants to know how they did the surgery? They did it via catheter. :) I figure, everyone can get a good image of what that is like.
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