Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Long night

Up all night and now getting ready to go to work.

I got home from taking Lynn to the emergency room at 4:00. He called me last night right before I was leaving work, to tell me he was in excruciating pain. Before I went into work last night, he was complaining about stomach. But it wasn't severe. He was going to lay down while I was at work, and let it subside.

He thought it might be from not sleeping well for the last week. That his body was just extremely fatigued and needed to rest. He also thought it might be appendicitis.

Well, turns out, he has a kidney stone. And he was attempting to pass it last night. After pumping him full of drugs, they finally admitted him at 3:30 this morning. They wanted to keep him for observation and to see if the stone finally passes or if they have to go in and "help it".

Anyway, need to finish getting ready and than outta here.
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