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I spent the morning getting my car inspected and the license renewed. Also had to drop Lynn by the shop to pick up his truck. They still have fixed to original problem, but did fix the ones they "found" when he took it in.

So got to work about 12:15, today. Surprisingly, I have been a bundle of energy and have been able to get a lot of stuff accomplished in a rather short period of time. Not the usual extreme fatigue I fight every day. Not sure where it came from, or how long it will last. I'm starting to feel the energy drain hit.

I still have a couple of things to complete this afternoon, but shouldn't have a problem leaving at my normal 4:30.

Have to work tonight. This must be my normal 3 weeks working without a day off. Picked up the schedule last night and see my days off, next week, at the PT job are Tuesday and Wednesday. Just like this week, when they were Monday and Wednesday. Yeah, they give me two days off, but on days when I'm at the day job. Oh well, I asked for it.

Anyway, back to work, so I can get these last couple of things out of the way and get home.
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