Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, I'm two days behind on reading LJ, once again. Things are picking up at work, so I can't really even catch up there, except maybe, every other day.

I had tonight off, but promised a couple of guys that I would go over and help them set up their Internet Connection Sharing. They are both deaf, but were in the store a couple of weeks ago. One of them, I knew before. He was in with his boyfriend. I recognized him, but he didn't recognize me. And under the circumstances, I decided not to press the issue. Well, they ran into Lynn at WallyWorld, the other night, and of course, M* vividly remembered him.

So they got to chatting, and Lynn mentioned that I had seen them a while back. Then M* remembered me and wondered why I hadn't said anything at the time.

Anyway, the night they were in the store, they were trying to get help setting up their network and internet connection. Being deaf, no one else had time to help them. I don't know what it is, but M* seemed to know that I would. He stood there for about 20 minutes, while I finished up with another customer, so I could help them. He didn't even approach any of the others in the department, when they were free.

Of course, they were all looking at me funny as I was helping them, since we could only communicate by writing everything down. (Lynn knows sign, and used to interpret. I don't, but would like to learn.)

So I tried to explain what they needed to do, and after getting over there tonight, they done most of what I said, there were just a couple of other steps to complete. M* wasn't there, he was at school, but W* was very excited.

I told him, I don't normally make house calls, only for cute boys, which made him blush. :)

Now I need to get laundry done, start on dinner and then maybe I can catch up on here. Otherwise, it may be tomorrow before I find out what's happening with people.

Just a cursory look, and I discovered, Tommy's birthday is today, and apparently Adam was in a hold up. I think he's ok, at least I hope so.

Bout it for now.
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