Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Novice Storyteller attempt - for gigaquad

Ok, it started out back here.

Now, we had made the circuit to all of the "good" bars, looking to see if there were any slutty types out, lookin' to get laid. Even tried the "Baths" and the backroom at Faces. No luck.

By Sunday afternoon, we were both feeling pretty frustrated. We made one last stop at Clem's before heading back to KC. There was one kid on the patio. He was really interested in getting double-fucked. But he was wanting to score some crystal before he would be able to handle it. And he wasn't going to be seeing his contact for a couple of hours. We had a 4 1/2 hour drive ahead of us, so we ended up declining. He was pissed, but oh well.

So Lynn was driving the first half of the trip home. We both cruised all the vehicles as we passed, but not much to look at. And no one was cruising back. By the time we hit the half way mark, he was getting a little tired so I offered to take over driving and he could do the cruising.

Again, things were pretty dull. That is, until we were about 20 miles outside of KC. I had passed an semi and Lynn kinda cruised the guy on the way by. He said the guy was cute, but that was about it. I hadn't pulled back in the right lane yet, when I noticed the trucker had picked up a ltttle speed and was coming up beside us again.

Of course, Lynn being the shy boy he is, kept stairing up at the guy, who was obviously stairing back. So Lynn decided to give him a thrill. Whipped out his dick and kind of lifted up in the seat, so the guy could see down into our pickup. The trucker almost lost control of his rig.

He backed off a little and then came roaring up again. This time, he had his shirt off and had turned on the lights inside the cab of his truck. And now he was lifting up in the seat too.

We played this tag back and forth for most of the rest of the way into town. Traffic would get in the way and one of us would back off to let them around and then speed back up to ride side by side.

I guess he's finally had enough and motioned us to pull in behind him and follow. We went a couple of miles up the road to an exit with a shopping center off the highway. Being Sunday night, all the stores were closed and the lot was empty.

He brought his truck to a stop in the middle of one of the lots and I pulled in beside him. Lynn jumped out of the pickup and went over and climbed in his truck. I was happy for him. He was going to get some. I was a little disappointed that I was to remain frustrated, but I didn't want to cause him to lose the guy.

After a couple of minutes of them sitting in the truck, talking, Lynn jumped and asked if I was joining them. The trucker wanted to know why I was still sitting in the pickup.

So in I went. He introduced himself as Brian. He was about 5' 9" with a gorgeous well defined body. He said he was 29 and lived in St. Louis.

He jumped back on the bed of his sleeper cab and started taking off his shirt. He had a very well sculptured chest with a bed of short fine fur covering it. And when he got back there, he showed off the cutest bubble butt.

Lynn followed him back and they both finished undressing on the bed. I was still in the front seat and stripped there.

We quickly started exploring each others bodies. Brian immediately swallowed Lynn, I swallowed Brian. I was kneeling between his legs and threw his knees over my shoulders. That way I could grab those firm butt cheeks and squeeze them as I buried my nose in his pubic hair.

He had Lynn kneeling next to him, at his head, sucking for all he was worth. We both kept rubbing our hands over his chest and he kept reaching for my cock. Every time I would go down, I could feel him tense with pleasure.

I rearranged a bit, so the head of my dick was positioned just right. And I started to move forward. I could feel his body opening to accept me.

And then Lynn and I traded places. He wanted to taste me, also. And Lynn wanted to taste him.

We sucked and rubbed and caressed for about another 15 minutes. He was jacking Lynn as Lynn was swallowing him. And he was swallowing me.

Lynn shot first, all across his chest, It was such a sight, I couldn't hold out. My sperm mingled with Lynn's on Brian's chest. That was all it took, he unloaded too.

We collapsed in a heep of sweating bodies. Relaxing in that afterglow of mutually enjoyable sex.

After it was over, we sat and talked for a bit. He said, he noticed us, when we went by. And than he saw the flag in Lynn's back window. He decided, why not try it. He said he normally didn't do what we had just done. But that he was glad he did, this time.

So were we. He had to get back on the road. He had a deadline to meet, We had just consumed his rest break. Don't know how rested he was, but I'm sure he was relaxed.

So, we drove all that way and didn't get anything, made it almost all the way home and had a fantastic encounter. Moral of the story, sometimes you only have to look in your own backyard. :)
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