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Just got out of another customer meeting. My boss is the one who gets up in front and puts on the presentation, but I'm the one who has to sit there and answer their questions, and coach him when he falters.

Anyway, I got a fairly decent lunch out of the deal, so I guess it wasn't too bad. They seem to be happy and may be signing a contract with us.

Other then that, I don't work tonight, so need to do some laundry when I get home. Not much else is going on.

I was reading kelrick Kel's journal yesterday. Some of his descriptions of what he was imagining, were simply wonderful. I wish had creative talent like that. I have a very vivid imagination, I just can't get from my head to the outside world. I mean, I live most of my life in a fantasy world, I must be pretty good at imagining.:)

That's like, Lynn and I went on a road trip a couple of years ago. We decided we should submit our experience to "First Hand", but neither one of us ever actually wrote it down.

We both wanted to get out of town for the weekend and have some "fun". So, off to St. Louis we went. Spent the weekend there and neither one of us got lucky. To say the least, we were both a little downtrodden on the trip back. We were about 20 miles outside of town when Lynn noticed a certain truck driver cruising us.

We played tag back and forth for several miles, with Lynn and the trucker flirting and flashing each other, as I drove. Finally the trucker told us to follow him and we ended up in a deserted parking lot.

Lynn jumped in the truck with the guy and they started kinda fooling around, when the guy asked, wasn't I going to join them? So all three of us ended up in the sleeper of his truck, naked, hot and sweaty. It was a fun for all.

I can still picture it in my mind, I just can't really get the words on paper to accurately describe it. Back to the beginning comment, I'm not creative.
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