Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, it's been a few days, so I guess I should at least put something here. So no one tries to collect the insurance.

Not a whole lot going on. Things at work are still pretty weird. Half the management staff went to a golf resort last week, for their annual meeting. 3 hours of meetings and 6 days of golf. Hhhhhmmmmm.

But I don't really care, I don't like golf anyway. But it does seem a little strange how they preach cutting down on frivolous spending and then send 125 people to Hilton Head for a week.

But then yesterday, I was asked if I wanted to go play golf with the local group on the 14th. I politely declined, since I can't stand the game. My boss said ok, but 15 minutes later, the HR manager informed me I was going and I could just ride around in the cart with her and my boss, since neither of them were player either.

When I told this to my boss today, he laughed and said he was glad I was going to represent our department, because he wasn't. He doesn't play golf anymore. Yeah, thanks a lot. Then later this afternoon, we found out, that they have arranged to play at one of the more exclusive courses in the KC area. Spending a bundle on this little outing. So now, I know I can't go. Because I DON'T HAVE ANY of that funky golf clothing. And you aren't allowed in to the course without it. Geee.

May be going back to Boston again, in August. There is another summer conference there. Just got the info in the mail yesterday. If I go again, maybe this time I will get to see more of the "sights".:)

Still kind of cloudy on the roommate situation. I think I'm going to have a roommate again, but it's still not definite. Now, I guess I'll find out next week.

Well, that's about it. I have to get up earlier in the morning, so need to head to bed. Have an early morning breakfast meeting for work. So have to be at the Awful Waffle by 6:45.
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