Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

An enjoyable Sunday

This has turned out to be a nice enjoyable and relaxing Sunday. I did have to go into the store, this morning at 9:00 for a training meeting. I was there for a little over an hour for a twenty minute training session. Woohoo!!! But they did supply donuts, so it wasn't all bad.

After that, came home for a quick nap, which turned into almost 2 hours of crash and burn, before heading over to Mom's for lunch. She fixed her normal feast. There are times when I think she has no concept of a lite, moderate meal. Did a couple of small errands for her. It wouldn't Sunday without those. :)

After that, off to Starbuck's for a triple vente latte. Mmmmmmm, so good. And then down to the Plaza again to wander around looking at cute boys. :) I really enjoy summer, when all the eye candy comes out and wanders around with limited clothing on. Just to be out in the sun with so many attractive sights. Plus, I always enjoy the walking. It's the one form of exercise that I never really minded.

Now I'm home, just chilling out. Waiting for QAF to start. Apparently SFU wasn't on tonight. I'm finding this is an interesting show. Although I'm not hooked yet, I'm getting close.

I have tomorrow off. Don't know what I'll do to fill it up. I guess I'll think of something.
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