Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I can save the gym membership

Ok, last night was "truck night". I definitely ended up getting a work out. Over 60 computers, about 70 monitors, (17 and 19"), and about 120 printers had to be heaved up on the top shelf and stacked. Many of them were stacked 2 feet above my head. So, to say the least, I felt it, when I got home.

It is nice to know, that even though I'm not in shape, I can still do the physical stuff. I am wondering though, if I pulled something last night. After I got home and went to bed, I had a terrible nights sleep. I couldn't find a comfortable position. It felt like something was stabbing me in the navel.

Now, I have two extremely sensitive spots on my body. People who know me VERY well, know these spots. Of course, they love to torment me about them. They just don't understand how sensitive I truly am. One of them, is my navel. Even looking at someone with a pierced navel, makes me cringe. And forget about sticking something in there, a finger, a q-tip, whatever. It's an irritation, bordering on painful. It's been that way, most of my life.

Even today, I have to keep adjusting, because my shirt is irritating it. Hopefully it will go away by tomorrow. This is getting annoying, having to keep pulling my shirt away from my stomach.

I'm off work tonight, but have some running to do. Seems like there's always something waiting for my attention.
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