Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I'm continually amazed.....

The office politics, the doing something just for the sake of show to make the boss happy.

We, like so many other sheep descended (or would that be lemmings) companies in the world, adopted SAP R/3 as our all encompassing accounting, management, run our business computing system. (Now that's what I call a run on sentence, Whew!) I still say, Germany is attempting to dominate the world again, only this time they doing by convincing everyone to use SAP, which will cause the fall of modern capitalism.

So we have a tremendously expensive and powerful ERP system installed. Ok, that's fine. Unfortunately, it's way too difficult for most people to use. So we wound up with a huge accounting error last year. (The system was installed about 6 years ago. Over that time, several errors occurred, but were so embedded in the system, they weren't easily seen. Last year someone finally started digging and discovered an accumulated $12 million deficit.)

So now we've been having all of these "training" sessions to show everyone how to "prevent" this type of error in the future. Well, the only thing they did, was created a new report that shows when there is an accounting imbalance in the system. The problem, every open PO ends up on the report, whether there is a real problem or not. So now somebody has to wade through yet another paperwork nightmare.

Anyway, we're having another training session, next month. And in order to prepare for this session, we all have to take a proficiency test and pass before we're allowed in the training. The test consisted of naming what the various buttons are across the top of the screen and how to get to certain menu locations. So we have to waste a lot of time taking this test, just so someone at our corporate office can present a report to the CEO about what wonderful things they are doing to prevent a future fiasco.

And "Stan the Man" will jump on it and write it up in the monthly newsletter and pat them on the back for a fine job well done. And we'll still have a crappy system that everyone hates. And still may end up with an accumulated accounting error.

I still love the comment that was made in a meeting I was at a couple of weeks ago. One of the participants said that every time our CEO opens his mouth, he loses a little credibility.

But he's at Hilton Head this week, firing up all the upper management. Getting them ready for the next charge. (I'm really glad I'm not an upper manager.) Tally-ho!
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