Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Went to Mom's for lunch. It was the typical Sunday routine. After that, went down to The Plaza to wander around for a couple of hours. As usual, lots of eye candy out running around looking pretty.

It was a bright and sunny day, even if it was a tad cool. While you were in the sunshine, it was actually hot, but as soon as you hit the shade, the breeze would cool you off very quickly. Even with that, the place was packed with hot guys in shorts and tight fitting t-shirts. All of them showing off their well formed bodies.

Even went down along the river walk. It has been down there for several years, but this is the first time I've actually gone down to the edge and walked along the water. For a city that fucks up most of the projects they do, this did look pretty good. And they did appear to finally get the sewer problem corrected so it is no longer the cesspool walk.

Got home about 6:30 and took some drugs, since my sinuses had started going nuts again. Laid down for about an hour to try and let them work on the headache. It helped some, but the throbbing was still in the background. Kind of a "what else is new".

Went to the grocery store and bought the week's food supply. Spent a lot more then I wanted, but at least have plenty for a while.

Apparently Lynn was talking to someone online, who missed last weeks Buffy. Since I tape a ton of stuff each week, (I'm never home anymore to watch), he figured I had it on tape. Of course I do. So he asked if I could make a copy for him so it could be sent to this guy.

I bought a Dazzle Digital Video Creator a couple years ago. I have never used it. What better time to try it out? So now I have the video on my computer, but it's over a gig so I can't just burn it to CD. Now I get to try my hand at editing to pull out all of the commercials and see if I can get the file size down enough to put it on 1 disc.

Hey, if this works, maybe I'll have to try my hand at making movies. I've seen other people do it. Why shouldn't I? Ok, don't answer that. Just what the world needs, more home made J/O videos. :)

Oh well, time to get to bed. It's already 12:30 and this is going to be another long week. At least I have next Monday off for Memorial Day. I don't know about next Sunday yet, but I do have to work next Saturday. So I don't get another three day weekend.
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