Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, I admit it. I'm having a chocolate attack. Sitting here reading and eating candy out of both hands.

Went somewhere new for dinner tonight. Decided to try an Italian restaurant I've never eaten at, before. Well, actually, I wanted Bar-B-Que, but Jack Stack's had a line waiting outside, halfway down the sidewalk. This other place was next door, and didn't have a line. So, what the hell, give it a try.

The place probably won't be a frequent stop for me. It wasn't bad, just not great. They have a very limited menu, and seemed a bit overpriced. I had the lemon grilled chicken with olive, capers and spinach. It was pretty good, but a pretty small portion, for the $18 they charged. There was quite a bit of eye candy to stare at during dinner, though. Especially the cute young host boy, with that high, tight bubble butt. I would have definitely liked eating him for dessert.

Then, on the way home, had to stop to pick up some batteries, and while walking through the store, had to pass the candy aisle. Suddenly, I had a tremendous chocolate attack. So, I picked up 4 bags of chocolates and I'm now sitting here with a handle from each bag. I'll probably end up getting sick later. Yes, sometimes I revert back to an eight year old, also.

Work today, wasn't too bad. Had an 8:00 am meeting before the store opened, which I could have easily slept in bed another hour instead of attending. Oh well. We were supposed to have another training meeting tomorrow morning at 9:00, but luckily, it's been postponed. So I have tomorrow off. Got off at 3:00 this afternoon, came home and fell asleep at the computer, for about an hour. Neck was a little sore when I woke up, from leaning over in the chair.

Ran down to MicroCenter, since they were having a "HUGE" Grand Opening sale this weekend. I wandered around, but didn't see anything I couldn't live without. And besides, I didn't really see any HUGE SALES.

At least today turned out to be a beautiful day. The temperature got up to about 70° with bright sunshine this afternoon. So I put the top down on the car while I was driving home. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer, but still bright. Maybe a trip down to the Plaza to walk around and stare at cute boys. The walking IS GOOD EXCERSIZE. Yeah, that's it. It's for the exercise.:)

Ok, now I wanna puke. Just flipping through channels and saw a really cute guy, with his face buried in some girls pussy. I've heard straight guys complain about how disgusting sucking cock is, but to me, there's nothing worse then sticking your tongue in pussy. Blech!!

Oh well, time to check up on what's happening on the friend's list.
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