Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

This afternoon was a royal pain in the ass. Spent 3 hours working on a series of computer issues. All of which stemmed from a server I installed 2 years ago. It never was right, from the start. Always had SAM replication errors. But I was able to get around them.

Today, that all changed. Suddenly I was locked out and couldn't get the database to replicate. So, I had to do some craziness with all three servers and my workstation. Finally got everything back to semi normal, I think. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

The cottonwood down the street is blowing in full force this week. That and all the rain we've had has caused the mold count to hit the thousands. Consequently, my allergies are going ballistic. I've been having sneezing attacks all day. And by noon, another wonderful sinus headache had decided to make my afternoon even more enjoyable.

The drugs have dulled the pain a little, but the stuffiness is still there. I'll take some more in a little bit, and maybe go to bed a little earlier this evening. Yeah, Right!

On top of that, Lynn tried calling me this afternoon. Unfortunately, my cell wasn't going to voice mail like it's supposed to. Something about, the last time I upgraded my service, I was supposed to be transferred to their new VM system, but I wasn't and now it's having problems. So I guess I'm getting switched now. We'll see.

Got some running to do tonight. Oh how fun.
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