Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The weekend is winding to a close. Went to mom's today. My sister had planned on taking her out for lunch, but the restaurant was booked solid, so instead they stopped at KFC for chicken; Well, at least she didn't have to cook.

I had today off from both jobs. Of course, it drizzled all day. The rain is supposed to be moving out overnight and then bright sunshine tomorrow. It seems to work like that. I get a day or two off and it rains, I go back to work and it's nice. Well, actually I guess it's like that for most people.

Not much else is happening. Basically came home this evening and finished up a little laundry and sat here and vegged out. Now it's just about time to head to bed.

I don't know if anyone tried watching the sleep cam this weekend, if so, sorry. I just really didn't feel like having the lights on.
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