Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Such a draggy day

I hate days that just seem to go on and on. I was already looking at the clock, thinking it should be close to noon, and it was only 10:30. Now it's almost 2:00, but feels more like it should close to leaving time.

Maybe it's because it's one of those rainy, drizzly, chilly, cloudy, blah, kinda days. One where I would have preferred to just stay in bed. I guess I can't really say that. I would prefer to stay in bed, everyday.

Tonight is my night off, this week, so hopefully I will get to bed before midnight at least once. Although, I know I do have to help Lynn with a network problem on his computer. There's actually two problems and I'm stumped as to what is causing them. I'll have to play with and try to figure why they're doing, (actually not doing), what they're doing.

The night job is really getting screwed. I went in last night and was told we are now in a cross department war. They have also started on a demoting/firing spree. I've already told a few people, I don't need the job, I can quit any time. They keep telling me to just ignore what's going on.
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