Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, haven't put anything here in a couple of days. So what's happened? Let's see, yesterday, I decided to finally go ahead and upgrade my computer at work to Win2K. I've been running it on a couple of other computers for a couple of months, and hadn't seen any real issues. And for the most part, the upgrade yesterday went ok. Except, what I hadn't planned on, is the internal 56K voice, fax modem and the HP Desk jet printer were both incompatible.

No new drivers at HP, but, luckily, Windows did have a driver that would work. So, the printer is working again. However, the modem is out of date and no drivers are available. So, I had to order another modem. Until it comes in and is installed, no faxing, no internet connection from work. So, for the next few days, I can't check email or do anything in LJ from work

What else is happening? Well, something is happening, but I can't say anything yet. But check back next week for some news. A hint, my life will soon be changing again.
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