Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I still haven't decided if I really like SFU, yet. It is definitely an unusual program. I've now seen three episodes, so the jury is still out.

Stayed up until 4:00 am rerunning all the network cable in the house. It looks much better now, without wires hanging everywhere. But RoadRunner is being a bitch tonight. I keep losing the connection. Also finally got the server out of Lynn's bedroom. He was really complaining about the noise from the SCSI drives.

My three days off is coming to a close. Back to working everyday for a while. Need to head to bed soon, so at least I start off the week with a little reserve. :)

Lynn got the confirmation on his trip next weekend. He's headed to Colorado to visit his mother. He was joking saying he was going to have make several dinners for me, and put them in the fridge, so I can warm them up to eat when I get home at night. Yes, he has been wonderful by having dinner ready most nights when I get home from the store, but I can still cook.

Other than that, life goes on......
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