Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, the cold front just swept through here. At 10:00, it was 65°F, now it's 52. The wind whipped around from the West to the North and brought a quick shower and colder weather.

My boss is going home sick, again. He's been having a butt-load of health problems recently. Don't know what is going on there.

I'm still planning on taking this Friday off. Lynn still hasn't decided if he's flying to Colorado this weekend or next, to visit his mom. We're supposed to have dinner with some friends this week, before one of them leaves for San Diego. They're moving out there as soon as Bobby can find a job. I'll miss them when they go, but they keep saying it's an excuse for me to finally visit San Diego.

But of course, when I'm planning on taking a day off, it's supposed to be cold, rainy and nasty. pphhtttttt

And I'm getting tired of listening to the crap about the Catholic Church. Now, I'm not condoning pedophilia, but give me a break. The way it's being reported, you'd think this was some sort of recent tragic event in the Priesthood. They've been having boy toys for 2000 years. And in most cultures around the world, having a child companion, is considered normal. It may not be "talked about", but everyone knows what's going on.

Of course, this is a relatively new philosophy concerning children. Until about 100 years ago, if you reached the age of 16 and weren't married, there was something wrong with you.

I kind of blew up at work, at pt job, again last night. They are really big on scorecards. Everything has to be graded. Well, one of these scorecards is related to "downstocking". Making sure all of the customer accessible areas are stocked with at least the minimum amount of merchandise. We are supposed to do this as part of our closing duties each night. Then, every morning, the merchandising team comes through and does things like, changing prices, setting ads, stocking new merchandise that has arrived, and grading us on how well we stocked the night before.

Each department is "allowed" a certain number of downstocking mistakes. Well, we've had issues off and on about how the merch team scores us. Sometimes we pass, sometimes we fail, and it isn't consistent. When we fail, we get written up. The last two nights, we've failed. And most of the issues were bullshit issues. I basically told the Sales Manager last night, I'm fed up. If we're going to fail anyway, then there's no reason for me to stay until midnight every night, busting my ass trying to pass. We can just say fuck it and leave at 9:30. He said, they are aware of the issues and they will be addressed. And that I should continue to do what I'm doing.

Wow, this started out as a quick post at 10:15. Now, two hours later, it's turned into another rant. Maybe I shouldn't keep this journal. Too much pent up frustration gets put into words.
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