Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Just got home from extreme bowling. I'm lousy to begin with, but you mix in flashing lights and dark lanes, so you can't the arrows, and I really suck. My best game of the night was only a 128.

On the way home, we saw some kid walking in the rain. He looked like a drowned rat. Had on a short sleeved shirt, that he had his arms tucked into, to try and stay warm. After he passed us at the light, it started raining even harder. We stopped and asked if he'd like a ride. (I wish he would have liked a "RIDE".) He said sure, and jumped in. Since Lynn drives a pickup, the front seat was a little crowded, I just wish it had been a little more crowded and had kinda rubbed up against things.......

Anyway, nothing happened, but it was a nice 5 minute ride to his house, where he jumped out, said thanks and ran inside. I told Lynn it was probably for the best, since he was probably underage, anyway. But the fantasies were fun, at least for a few minutes. Visions of a Falcon video going through our heads. :)

Of course we were already primed anyway. Since bowling was filled with hot young boys. It can be so frustrating sometimes.

Oh well, time for bed.
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