Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Just got home from Chilli's for dinner. Nothing spectacular, but at least it was different. It's been a few months since we ate there.

There was one waiter, from the other side of the restaurant, who was really young and cute. We were one of the last tables left and most of the wait staff was over by us in the bar area. He took his shirt off and was flaunt his "6-pack abs" to one of the waitresses. Hey, we looked too. :)

Spent most of the afternoon, setting up new computers. I love how people wait until after you've started setting up their new one, after the old one has been dismantled, that they need the "extra" software, they loaded on the old one. Why not tell me before, so I can plan extra time for it.

Everyone is complaining at work about slow speeds on their computers. I really don't blame them. Our corporate IS guys, specified buying new P4-1.7 GHz machines. Ok, that's fine. They're replacing old P-120 - P-166 machines. But our WAN connection is still only 128k. And our Exchange Server is sitting at our Corporate office. As well as our BW and ERP software. So we have all these hot rod computers sending their information through a straw.

Did some cleaning around the apartment tonight. At least got something productive done on my night off. Back to the store tomorrow night, Friday and Saturday nights, too. I'm hoping I have Sunday off. I'll find out tomorrow night.

About time for bed.
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