Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lunch Plans

Well, Keith, my boss, and I were supposed to be meeting a couple of people who used to work here, for lunch today. Tina and Mike were both laid off in the great company downsizing of 2000. (It's pretty bad when the corporate folks who masterminded this $30 MM fiasco, all got promoted after it failed, but the local folks all got laid off to pay for the mistake.)

Anyway, something came up, and Tina wasn't going to make it today, so Keith decided we should just postpone it. He didn't think we should meet Mike alone. (Although, I'd love to meat Mike alone. I had a big old crush on the boy. He's terminally straight, though. In fact, his wife just had their 4th daughter, and he's only 26. What a waste.)

Well, today is another dreary, drizzly day. Temps are only supposed to get to maybe 60, by this afternoon. A perfect day to have stayed in bed. DST hasn't helped any either. I always hate the spring forward. It takes me weeks, sometimes months, to ever adjust.
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