Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Another breakfast meeting

Had another one of those 6:45 am breakfast meetings. Lynn asked me what the benefit of going was. I told him, they are an award for not having any accidents and participating in the plant safety program. As a manager, I am supposed to attend to show my support.

It's just another example of corporate politics. I guess I'm just too cynical. It wouldn't be so bad, if companies really meant it when they said they cared. If all the programs were legitimate and not just show and tell hype. But all too often, we see examples of companies saying one thing and acting another.

I may also be getting into something with the part time job, which is none of my business. But it bothers me and I'm concerned they may be doing something, if not illegal, at least questionable. And some of them have been, what I would consider, unethical.

Knowing they do it, makes me wonder about all the other businesses who probably have similar practices. It is related to advertised pricing on products and how rainchecks are given. Since most of the advertised "sale" prices are actually rebate prices, they say, they only guarantee the price, as long as the rebate is still valid. But they will give the customer a raincheck, even though they know we won't be getting the merchandise in before the rebate expires.

I have questioned this practice a couple of times, and was told they are within their rights as a merchant. So now I'm doing a little bit of investigating on my own, to see what the law says, if anything, about this situation. My intent is not to get them in trouble, but, if they are violating some law, I think they should be aware of it. And it's better to be told by an employee, rather than the Attorney General. At least that's the way I see it, in my own mind. They might differ in their opinion.
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