Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well Happy Easter, or however you celebrate. Isn't it ironic that most Christian holidays are celebrated on "Secular" holidays. I suppose I could be cynical and make some snide comment about them being too lazy to come up with a holiday on their own.

I guess I should have had some sort of memorial service on Monday, since it was an anniversary of sorts. March 25 marked one year since my last cigarette. Although I still crave having one every day. Yes it was an addiction, but not a physical one. Maybe I'm different, but nicotine addiction wasn't what kept me lighting up, it was something more. Some deep mental enjoyment.

Heading over to Mom's soon. She's having her typical huge holiday lunch with everyone invited. I had planned on taking her out to lunch for her birthday, but I knew she would already have other plans.

I guess I should go get in the shower.
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