Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Back home from New Orleans. The trip back was basically uneventful.

The bad thing was leaving sunny, warm 75° weather and returning to cold, dreary, rainy, going to snow tonight weather.

My brother and sister-in-law took mom, my aunt and me to lunch today for my birthday. We ended going to this little Mexican place that mom and Aunt Jean suggested. The food was ok, but the wait staff was fantastic. I felt like I'd been delivered to a frat house. They were all young hot looking guys, running around in t-shirts and jeans.

We had a discussion about Hooters on the way to the restaurant. After seeing these waiters, it's too bad there isn't a place called "Nuts", or "Balls" or maybe "Dicks" with the same semi-naked clothing, but filled with hump guys. I'd eat there. :)

Have a meeting at the store tonight at 7:00. I'll get a copy of this week's schedule when I go in. Don't know what I'm working yet. In a way, I'm hoping it will be a light week. Although, I do need some extra cash coming in, since I still have to pay taxes.

Waiting on Lynn to jump in the shower, so we can run over to Starbuck's for lattes.
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