Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

We went to The Club - New Orleans, last night. Only stayed a few hours. Mostly soaked in the hot tub and wandered the halls. There were a couple of guys there, who were doable. But most weren't worth wasting a hardon.

So we came back. Stopped by The A&P on the way to get some stuff to munch on. We'd both said chips, earlier, but once we started down the aisles, nothing looked good, including the other customers. So we ended up with a bag of cookies, each and came back to the room.

Now it's off to another day of wandering the aisles at the conference. I am almost to the end of the exposition. In fact, will probably be done seeing all the displays by mid-afternoon, today. So I may cut out early. And tomorrow, will only go in for a short time. I have some meetings set up with a couple of vendors, tomorrow.

Other then that, the rest of the week will be a mini-vacation. Just, my boss doesn't know it. Oh well........
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