Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I guess I was a little bad, last night at work. Had a customer come into the department. He was looking for a hard drive, (now stop that). He was cute, and looked vaguely familiar. Indicators were saying, he probably could be family.

Anyway, showed him where the drives were, but he didn't seem interested in my staying to help him look for the one he wanted. So, returned to the normal routine and helped someone else.

A little later, he was up at the counter, looking like a lost puppy dog. I asked if he needed more assistance, but he said one of the other guys was helping him. Well, he was in the department for about 45 minutes, and I kept stopping by and asking is he was continuing to be serviced. (Yes, I would have liked to have been servicing him.) What can say? I was horny.

Well, he finally got what he wanted and left with his stuff, but before he went, he turned and thanked me for all my help, even kinda patted me on the shoulder and let his hand slide down my back. MMmmmmm, Said he should have let me help him to start.

Don't know if he ever noticed the growing arousal in my pants as I stood there. Or that I kept scoping him out as we talked and he looked at monitors. I was good, I didn't make any outright advances, since they would be against our code of ethics. But still had fun being clandestinely flirty.

Maybe I do need to get laid. It's now been 13 months. Had a friend tell me yesterday, that since I'm headed to NO, that I definitely need to go to the baths, there. He said it was must visit attraction. Maybe so.
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