Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, another one is now finished. Do I want to start number 6? Hhhhmmmm. That is a tough question. I suppose I could at least start it. Just one more thing I'd be done with.

Other news, I finally broke down and ordered digital cable. They had already told me that my current service was going to be discontinued and would have to switch over sometime between April and June. Anyway, I called them last week. Asked how much more. I was told it would only be $21 more a month, for 130 more channels. Oh joy. Of course, the majority of those channels I couldn't care less about.

So, it was installed yesterday morning. Now I have to memorize the new lineup.

I also have RoadRunner service through cable. I have been having several problems the last few days. Can barely get logged on to browse and get email. Can't upload for the webcam. Lynn called them early this morning. Apparently they did a system upgrade and haven't got all the bugs worked out yet. They will be issuing a credit, for how much, I don't know. And will continue to work on fixing the problems.

Until they've fixed the problems, no morning cam shows.

Uggghhhh, gross. I just sneezed all over myself again. I need to go wash up.
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