Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Went to the mall this evening to get my watch band resized. Lot's of cute guys wandering around. So the fantasy alarms were ringing very loudly.

It was kind of funny. Lynn and I walked into one store, and this woman of course, noticed Baby and asked about him. Lynn proceeded to tell her why Baby accompanies him. Then she asked a strange question that threw us both of balance a little. She asked if we were, you know, uhh, more than friends? She continued to stutter as Lynn just smiled and let her wiggle. Finally he said no, we were just roommates and very good friends. She asked again if we were more than that. He said what, lovers? Yes, that was what she was struggling to ask. Nope, just friends. She was sooooo relieved and proceeded to talk us about her screwed up life and how God and Jesus had brought her back from the brink.

Lynn made the comment later, he should have told her that we weren't lovers, but he and Baby were. But we did have three-ways occasionally.

I turned in my request for time off to the second job, last night. They didn't seem to happy about it. But I told them, hey, it's for the day job, it's business and whether you let me off or not, I won't be here. So, we leave for New Orleans three weeks from today. Yeah, I'm taking Lynn along. I figure, he could use the time away. And I'll be at the seminar, all day long, so he'll have plenty of time to sight see and "have fun".

He's already started checking out websites for things, (ok maybe more than just things), to do while we're there.

Mom called today, just to make sure we'll be at lunch tomorrow. I told her yes, we'd be there. I don't have to work until tomorrow night. Just a quick, two hour store meeting. And then we have another Saturday morning store meeting on March 9. Those are sooo much fun. Like I want to go in and pretend to have fun at 6:45 am on a Saturday morning.

Not much else happening. Supposed to be 70°F tomorrow and than 20°F on Monday with a chance for snow. Sheese!

Lynn went to see a friend who just moved into his new apartment yesterday. He just came back to KC and is trying to restart his life. Lynn has been trying to help him out, with running him around town. Helping him look for a new vehicle, etc.

So, I'm here, playing on the computer and recording some stuff on the VCR.
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