Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I just fucking love doctor's offices. They are so "efficient". Just called my optometrist to order my lens. I'm told, we're sorry but we can not fill your request until you come in and get an exam. It's been 5 years since your last exam.

That's strange, that's the same thing you told me about a year ago, when I ordered one and came in to get a replacement. Are you sure about that?

Yes, our records show your last visit was in '97. But I can schedule you for an appointment.

But I just had an appointment a year or so ago.

Oh, it does show you got a replacement lens in January 2001. Hhhhhmmm, and you had an exam at that time. Hhhmmmm, I guess we didn't update the records. Hehehe. I'll be happy to order your lens for you.

What a fucking racket. The last time, they told me, my eyes hadn't changed hardly any, so he was going to just use the same script as before. Of course, that's after charging $50, to tell me that.
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