Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Supposed to be cooling down today. This 90 degree heat in May is just too soon. And I'm still too cheap to turn on the AC. So I've suffered through the last few days. Yesterday was the hottest day so far.

I started a full reinstall on my brother-in-law's computer last night. To say the least, he isn't highly comp lit. He ended up getting a virus several weeks ago. I tried to tell him how to correct it, but he wasn't thrilled with doing what I said. He downloaded some instructions from Symantec and used those. It thought everything was ok.

Then, last week, Norton AV informed him, he had another virus. When he tried having NAV fix the problem, he killed Windows. I tried to explain what to do, over the phone. How to delete Windows and reinstall. He had problems with that. So he got some advice from someone else, who told him, he didn't need to delete Windows, just install over the current installation.

Needless to say, he has tried reinstalling 3 times, and was in even worse shape. Not only was Windows not functioning properly, he no longer had IE or Outlook Express installed. And Windows would not let them be installed. And that virus he had a few weeks ago, suddenly appeared again.

So, Tuesday night, he stopped by to drop it off and let me do the reinstall. After 3 hours last night, I had all of the old stuff deleted. The viruses had added quite a bit to his system. Windows 98 is now reinstalled. And Office is reinstalled. A few more applications to go and then he can have it back.

I may try and back some of the important stuff up in a hidden directory, so it can be easily restored.
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