Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I'm almost caught reading all my friend's entries. Being without power for a few days and with my full schedule, I got way behind. And to think, I only have a few people on my friends list. I'd hate to see how much time, some of these people spend on LJ, when they have 100's of friends.

Oh well. Also been really busy at work, the last few days. And doesn't look like it's going to let up for the next month. I'm really looking forward to my "business trip". But I got an email today saying someone else from our company is going to be at the same conference. Even though he's really cute, he's terminally straight, so I'm hoping I don't run into him.

I talked to my mom tonight. She got her power back sometime yesterday, but didn't move back from her sister's until today.

My ex has been driving me crazy for the last couple of weeks. He's got a neighbor who's been having computer problems. He tried to fix them, but wasn't able to. So he keeps calling me to walk him through what to do. He's already called 5 times tonight. I only answered once. Not because I was avoiding him, but because I wasn't home. But he refuses to leave a message. He and Lynn don't get along. Hhhhhmmm......

Probably should consider going to bed soon.
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