Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Still no electricity at home. The kerosene heater does work. But, since there really isn't much air circulation, most of the heat only stays in the central section of the apartment. We have it set up downstairs, so it's very warm. And the stairs leading up and straight across from the stairs is comfortable, but when you go to the bedrooms, or bathroom, it's still pretty chilly.

I was really hoping they had the lights in the neighborhood back on. Lynn and I had to make a trip over to the chiropractor's house. He was having some computer problems. So we end up doing this trade thing. He adjusts us and we fix his computer.

Anyway, we didn't get back home until about 10:30 last night. And as we're driving into the neighborhood, a lot of the houses have lights on. This is very encouraging, since whole subdivision was out, the night before. But of course, when we turned the corned into the complex, it was still dead. So, all of the houses around have lights, but the apartment complex sitting in the middle, doesn't.

At least the hot water heater is gas, so we don't have to take cold showers. Well, at least not because there's no electricity.:-)
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