Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Snow Day, or should that be Ice Day

This was originally typed on January 31, 2002, at 2:30 pm. However, with the lack of electricity or internet connection, I wasn't able to post it, until today. (When I got back to work. Ok, so I have "some" free time on my hands at work.)

Ended up staying home from work today. I suppose I should have foretold the future when I woke up to the light show at 2:00. Kept hearing the VCR reset and the UPS alarming. Then the sky lit up with pretty blue, green and purple fireworks.

Next thing I know, the lights are off. And then they came back on about a minute later, for about 30 seconds. Then more fireworks and they were off for the night.

I had replaced the battery in the alarm clock last night, just in case, so it still went off this morning. And I did get up and shower to go in. But when I started out, the Mustang didn't much like the condition of the roads in the neighborhood. I got the end of the street and started sliding into the ditch. Not the way I like to start my day.

After some significant spinning, sliding and going back and forth, I was finally able to get turned around and get back home. Tried calling the boss several times, but all circuits were busy. Got through about 8:15 and told them I wouldn't be in.

Lynn went ahead and got up also. Asked if I wanted him to take me in. No, not really, but thank you for asking. We decided we might want to have some heat in the apartment, depending on how long the power is off. His truck gets around in the snow better than my car. So we headed out. He slipped a little, but not anything like my car. Once we got out of the neighborhood, the streets were clear. So, if I could have made it up the hill, I could have gone in today.

We ended up running over to HomoDepot to buy a kerosene heater. Of course, they were out. After all, a forth of the city is without power. They suggested the Wholesale Club. Sure enough, they had 6 left. But they don't carry kerosene. Try HomoDepot, they do. So back to HomoD to get kerosene.

We took the heater back to the apartment and decided to run to Starbucks for coffee. And to stop on the way for some breakfast. Perkins was packed. So we decided to just get coffee at Starbucks. The first one was closed, no power. So we drove to another. No power. Third time's a charm. So now, we're sitting on The Plaza at Starbucks drinking lattes.

We're each working on our second cup. Enjoying all the eye candy and commenting how nice it would be for this or that boy to come home with us.

Lynn is working on his typing and I'm attempting to read about SQL Server. (I have one of those, "Teach yourself in 21 days" books. I've been reading it, off and on, for about a year. I'm up to day 4.)

Well, none of the boys have indicated they'd like to come home with me and keep me warm. Although, the doctor wannabe who followed me to the bathroom was a hopeful. Too bad he only wanted to piss. :-(

Well, guess I should get back to reading. See if I can make it to day 5.
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