Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I was a little late getting to work this morning. Got here about 8:20, instead of the usual 7:45. Which isn't really too bad considering the weather outside. They were making fun of me last night about how I was screwed, trying to drive in this weather. (I have a Mustang GT Convertible with high performance low profile tires. Not the best car to be driving around in snow with.) But as long as I took it easy this morning, I didn't have too many problems.

They're saying this will be changing to snow later this afternoon. Areas north of the city may get 10+ inches by tomorrow. I'm sure if I was having this conversation with someone, bystanders might wonder why a gayboy would be complaining about 10+ inches. :-)

AT&T and Cingular just announced they are going to form a JV to provide wireless service in the Midwest and West Coast. Maybe that explains why I can't get my long distance straightened out. I signed up for new service with nation-wide long distance included on my cell phone. But I keep getting charged by AT&T also. They've done it two months in a row now. And Cingular was supposed to have credited it back to my account last month, while they got straightened out, and they haven't, So I'm pissed at both of them. Now I've got to do the calling and waiting on ignoring at all the various locations and offices thang again. FUCK!!!!

I have to attend a dinner for work on Saturday night. Another of those, "You really should go, to make a good impression". Otherwise, I wouldn't look like I was a "Team-player". Jeez, I'm getting cynical.......
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