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I am really surprised that people aren't dying right and left.. As many people as I see who should be suffering from butt-hole suffocation.

The maintenance guys, from the complex were supposed to be down today, to find out why my hot water pressure was only about 1/3 of my cold water pressure. I've been suffering for a few months with this. When I told them about it, in the office, they immediately said, it must be the shower, and I said no, it's all of the faucets and the washing machine. So, when I got home tonight, there is note, saying, checked water pressure, if you want a new shower head, call the office. I know all the guy did, was walk in, turn on the hot water in the shower, and ASSUME that was the problem. I know he didn't even walk into the laundry and look at the valve on the top of the heater that has been leaking and is covered with scale half way down the side of the tank.

I also complained that the screen door on my sliding glass door was in really bad shape. The screen is pulled out of the frame 1/2 way up one side. The rollers on the bottom are broken. The frame is bent and doesn't close all the way. It has been in bad shape, since I moved in here 8 years ago, but it has gotten worse with age. The maintenance guy marked he adjusted the screen. What the f*** does that mean?

And to think, the Property Manager was really bragging on the wonderful maintenance staff she had hired. How much better they were, then the last group. Yeah, right. So, now I have to call them back tomorrow and tell them, it's still screwed up. And they wonder why I always hesitate to call them, or do the repairs myself.
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