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Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day, yesterday. I ended up going to Church with the family as requested. No Mac, I didn't do the goth thing, although, that was an interesting idea. I also thought about doing my rendition of the 'F**k Me Jesus' scene from The Exorcist during the service. But they would have probably taken it as a sign and tried to heal me on the spot.

Anyway, spent the rest of the afternoon with Mom, my aunt and my sister and her family. It wasn't bad, religion and politics weren't brought up all afternoon. So everyone got along fine.:)

Last night came home and did some more straightening before maintenance comes down today to work on the hot water heater and sliding glass door. Actually, if you walked into my place, you'd think I was straight or something. I guess if cleanliness is next to godliness, this is just one more strike against me.

Well, it's back to work time. I've had my first pot of coffee of the day, now to concentrate on getting motivated to face the week. Now if I could just feel awake.
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