Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


Ok, friends view is all screwed up. It's got messages embedded in messages. Hhhhmmmm. I wonder what they tried to fix this time.

Well, this has been a really whacked week. I'm not sure when I'll get caught up with myself.

It snowed a couple of inches last night. Just enough to make the streets slick, so when I got off work, the car was doing a lot of sliding around.

Lynn has been feeling really sick all week. I know he's feeling bad, when 3 out of the 4 nights I worked this week, he was already in bed asleep when I got home. Last night was the same thing. Although, this morning he asked why I didn't get him up, since he just laid down for a nap, with his clothes still on, until I got home. I told him, the lights were off and I figured he was asleep, so I didn't want to wake him. He said he was waiting on me to fix dinner.

Well, obviously, he was asleep, since he didn't wake up until this morning.

Not wanting to disturb him was one of the reasons for no sleep cam last night. Of course, I was feeling pretty tired and didn't really want the light on, either. So, maybe tonight.

Have to work tomorrow, so no lunch with Mom. Oh well.

Got my reservations for the trip to New Orleans, this week. So I'll be spending a week there for St. Patrick's Day and my birthday. Taking Lynn along for the ride. Since the room and car fair are paid for with the business trip, only have to pay for his food and airfare. The worst part, the round trip airfare is less then one night in the hotel. And it's only a Holiday Inn. Glad I'm not paying for it.

It should be fun though. The last time I was there was back in '85. So I'm looking forward to the trip. And even though this is a business trip, I plan on having at least some extracurricular activities and fun. I just need to do some research on where the best places are to go. Too bad Danny, from the Real World isn't still there. I wouldn't have minded sucking some chrome off his bumper.:)

I guess I should jump in the shower and get motivated. Still have laundry and running to do today.
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