Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Attended the all-day meeting yesterday. I just really "LOVE" those meetings.

Made it to the breakfast meeting this morning at 7:00. I would have really liked to stay in bed that extra hour. I mean it was such an informative meeting.

And it put me in such a good mood for when I got to work and discovered the UPS's on the servers crashed last night. So, the servers were down. I had to bypass the UPS's so get them back up and running and now I have to get them fixed. Seems strange that I had 3 units all lose their batteries at the same time and 2 of them shut down completely. Makes me rethink my confidence in APC UPS's.

Still suffering from the headache that started last night. I've already taken several asprin, but they haven't had much affect. Although, it has lessened enough so I can see again.

Now I have another meeting to go to in about 20 minutes. At least it should go pretty quick.

They're predicting snow tonight. I'm soooooo excited. Pffftttt!!
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