Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


Ok, today is really bad. I haven't been motivated, since I came back from vacation, but today is the worst, so far. I have stuff I need to be doing, I just don't feel like doing it.

I don't feel like being at work. I'm getting fed up with office politics and the "American Business Ethic" Yeah right, what ethics?

My boss asked me this morning where I wanted to be with the company 5 years from now. I somewhat blew him off, but it does bring the question to the surface. I've often thought how I'd prefer to work somewhere I liked working, but I'm not sure that place exists. I bitch about how bad things are around here, but I've talked to people at other companies, and it's the same BS.

So even if I left and went somewhere else, only the names and faces would change. (And maybe, how cute the boys working for me were. But that's a whole different set of problems. No, don't want to go there.)
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